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At this special time of year, please donate to help Diabetes Australia continue to grow funding for research to prevent, treat, and to ultimately cure diabetes.

Diabetes research has led to the development of new technologies, new medicines and better understanding of the condition that has transformed the lives of people living with all types of diabetes. 

But over the past 10 years, investment in diabetes research has been declining. 

We need your help today. By donating today, you are ensuring Australia’s world-class diabetes researchers have the funding and resources they need to continue their vital work. 

You’ll be creating hope for people living with diabetes, people just like Tanya.  

Over the past 12 years we have invested more than $36 million to support research projects to improve the quality of life for people living with diabetes. Unfortunately, we can only fund a small percentage of research projects seeking funding. About 80% of research applications are turned away because of limited funding. 




“For me, more funding for research will not only help me, but my daughter. I hope and pray that in years to come, if she is diagnosed with diabetes, that her life will be better than mine ever was. It makes me even more hopeful of a diabetes cure.  

“Please donate to the Diabetes Australia Christmas appeal. Your donation can ensure that I am not alone, that there is hope.”

~ Tanya, lives with type 1 diabetes



Your generous donation will help Diabetes Australia reduce the incidence and impact of diabetes on people, health systems and society.

Your contribution will help us support people living with diabetes and our mission to work with people living with or at risk of diabetes, health providers, researchers, funders and the community for positive change and outcomes.

On behalf of the diabetes community, we say thank you!