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Diabetes is a 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year condition and anything that makes managing diabetes that little bit easier is incredibly important. Diabetes technology, like continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and insulin pumps, is life-changing for people with diabetes, reducing the daily burden of frequent finger prick checks and injections, and meaning people have to spend less of their life just managing diabetes.

We believe all Australians living with diabetes should have equitable access to the technology they need to live well. Sadly, many who would benefit, simply can’t afford it. Affordable access would help so many, improving their physical and mental health. With your tax-deductible donation, we can continue to advocate for the expansion of affordable access, but it’s only possible with your help.

Sarah and her daughter Bianca, who both live with diabetes, know first-hand the incredible impact of improvements in access to CGM.



“Having affordable access to this technology has meant I can take better care of myself and avoid emergency situations. I have more energy and I have been able to return to study and improve my diabetes management.

I exercise without the fear of hypos and also less risk of hypos. I feel safer.”


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“Diabetes is often an ‘invisible’ condition, that comes with stigma, a lack of understanding around what it is and what is required to cope. You don’t get a holiday from the mental load of planning, preparing, managing as a person living with it and as a parent, so it can be tiring. With technological advancements, I consider access to the CGM and insulin pump pretty much a cure, for me.

Managing diabetes is expensive and with today’s cost of living pressures, every dollar saved really helps.

Please donate to the Diabetes Australia tax appeal. Diabetes Australia has done so much advocating on our behalf around improving communication, reducing the impacts of the condition, and access to technology and medicines, and it really means a lot. But there’s more to be done!”

~ Sarah, lives with type 1 diabetes.



With your online donation this tax time, we can continue to fight to expand and improve access to life saving technology that will change the lives of all Australians living with diabetes, and their loved ones, just like Sarah and her daughter. Together, through diabetes advocacy, we can save lives. Please donate to Diabetes Australia today.

Your generous donation will help Diabetes Australia reduce the incidence and impact of diabetes on people, health systems and society.

Your contribution will help us support people living with diabetes and our mission to work with people living with or at risk of diabetes, health providers, researchers, funders and the community for positive change and outcomes.

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